COVID-19 Resources

As our global industry works through the dynamic realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to connect people to information and resources to help organizations work with intent to ensure operations are equipped with the right tools to meet the changing demands of the current climate.

Industry Organizations

Association of Challenge Course Technologies (ACCT)


v27威尼斯人The ACCT has published a Coronavirus Resources page including health and government assistance information to association guidance and advocacy resources. There is also an active COVID-19 forum for members to pose questions and contribute to the on-going dialog around the pandemic.

Adventure Park Insider (API)

v27威尼斯人Adventure Park Insider is the leading magazine and online resource serving operators and suppliers in the challenge course and aerial park industry. Checkout their Coronavirus Updates page for content specific to the aerial adventure industry.

NC Aerial Adventure Association (NCAAA)

The North Carolina Aerial Adventure Association has released a statement to its members and operators within the state that includes useful links to a number of industry resources. Make sure to check the updates to state regulations pertaining to COVID-19 in North Carolina .

American Camp Association (ACA)

v27威尼斯人The ACA has created an online Covid-19 Resource Center for camps with a wide variety of resources on topics including business and finance, HR, marketing, and health and wellness. They are host regular webinars relevant topics and are actively developing online learning resources for camp administrators.

Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE)

v27威尼斯人AORE is the premier organization serving human powered outdoor recreation professionals in non-profit settings. Checkout their Coronavirus Resource Page for a comprehensive list of outdoor industry resources and information. They are hosting a variety of member chat sessions in addition to panel discussions and webinars with key industry stakeholders.

Climbing Wall Association (CWA)

Serving the Climbing Wall industry, the CWA has acted swiftly in providing information and resources related to Coronavirus. Check frequently for updates including latest news, posted webinars, and advocacy issues.


The CWA has launched a new Membership Assistance Program which provides a 1-year membership to any climbing gym in the world for FREE. This fantastic initiative aims to connect gyms across the planet to one another and relevant industry information. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity while it's available.

Climbing Business Journal (CBJ)

v27威尼斯人The Climbing Business Journal resource page has a great list of resources for business operators and recreational climbers alike. They've compiled an active list of gym closures around the country as well as a great list of Covid-19 related articles. For operators and owners, there is a wealth of information v27威尼斯人 facility cleaning standards and useful resources linked from other organizations.

Ski Area Management (SAM)

v27威尼斯人SAM is the premier magazine and online resource for mountain resort operators. Their Coronavirus Updates page provides a running list of original and sourced content to keep their readers current and informed.

Global Association for the Attractions Industry (IAAPA)

As a global resource for the attractions industry, IAAPA has constructed a resource page which offers visitors from around the world a perspective on geographic issues and impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. Checkout their extensive list of webinars and educational resources.

West Virginia Guidelines for Reopening Zipline Outfitters

One of the first states to outline the reopening policies specific to zip line operators, this plan outlines the guidance for patrons and staff, the operation, amenities, communications, and cleaning and disinfecting for gear and facilities. Download this 4-page document by clicking the link below.

Industry Manufacturers

AAT Statement

The following resources and recommendations are the expressed opinions and assertions of the specific manufacturer referenced. Aerial Adventure Tech provides this information for the sole intent of connecting visitors with current resources of the manufacturers listed below.

Note that there is on-going work amongst manufacturers in the testing of chemical agents as it relates to sanitizing PPE items for COVID-19 contamination while maintaining material integrity and strength ratings to stated standards. These efforts are guided by recommendations from Global Health Organizations and leading research teams from across the globe. There is still much to discover v27威尼斯人 this virus and viable options for operators to mitigate exposure levels through preventative cleaning processes and equipment quarantining.

We are continuing discussions with a number of manufacturers from across the industry and working to keep the most current cleaning standards and protocols on this page.

Perfect Descent Climbing Systems

v27威尼斯人Perfect Descent Auto Belays can be a valuable tool to help manage physical distancing and the flow of people in climbing gyms. Auto belay routes eliminate close contact with belay partners and restrict high-touch points to several easy-to-clean areas. While there remains a lot to be learned v27威尼斯人 climbing gym operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, climbing gym operators can take a few simple steps to consistently clean and disinfect Perfect Descent Auto Belays.


v27威尼斯人Edelrid has been actively conducting testing on cleaning and sanitizing agents to address specific concerns of PPE management and sanitation processes. ***Note: The information provided is applicable only to EDELRID products.


v27威尼斯人Teufelberger has released test data from their efforts to better address rope disinfection in the midst of Corona Pandemic. ***Note: The information provided is applicable only to Teufelberger product lines.

El Dorado Climbing Walls

v27威尼斯人El Dorado Climbing has published specific disinfectant protocols for climbing walls, climbing holds, and flooring materials typically used for indoor climbing facilities. Note that El Dorado makes specific mention of the different methods based on substrate materials used in construction.

Singing Rock

Singing Rock has released an official statement which provides a reference and explanation of various disinfection strategies for soft goods. Read the article in detail as there are callouts for the recommended maximum number of times an equipment item should be exposed to specific chemical treatments. ***Note: The information provided is applicable only to SINGING ROCK products

Robertson Harness

v27威尼斯人Robertson has outlined specific protocols for the cleaning and sanitation of their soft goods. There is not a specific callout for mitigating COVID-19.

CMC Rescue

The linked report is dated 2013 but still provides relevant data on potential soft good integrity reduction due to cleaning with various chemical agents.


v27威尼斯人Petzl has been actively working on testing various chemical dilutions for the mitigation and disinfection of soft good materials for COVID-19. On April 17th, Petzl has released an official recommendation for cleaning and sanitation procedures of their soft goods.  

The linked document has been released and endorses specific cleaning agents from ECOLAB for the cleaning of Petzl helmets. Petzl has additionally stated that using the existing "Care and Use Guidelines" outlined in the technical notice provided with each piece of equipment are valid protocols which can be augmented by an extended quarantine period.


v27威尼斯人DMM has released the linked statement specifically defining their recommendations for washing, drying, and quarantine period of their equipment.


View that linked document to review protocols set forth by Kong surrounding cleaning and disinfecting their equipment items.

Maxim Climbing Ropes

Maxim ropes have released test results from a 2015 study on the "Deliberate Damage of Ropes" they conducted with their parent company, Teufelberger. The results linked below provide insight into rope disinfection methods using Isopropanol and distilled water.


Vertical-Life, creators of the Smart Climbing Gym app, have worked with a consortium of climbing gym operators and developed a white paper titled "Strategy Outline for COVID-19 Risk Mitigation in Climbing Gyms: Plan of Action for the reopening and operation of climbing gyms, in consideration and analysis of the current risk from the Wars-CoV-2 pathogen". Currently in its 3rd iteration, the document outlines practices and protocols for operating indoor climbing facilities in a post-COVID world with employee and patron safety at the core of the document. It outlines three central operational areas and further expresses details to address specific concerns and mitigation strategies within the respective areas. These being: Occupancy Flow & Capacity Management, Hygiene Protocol & Protective Measures, and Political Dialogue Lobbying Communication.

Global Health Organizations

World Health Organization (WHO)

The WHO serves as a global information and action center. Their web materials provide an in-depth look at the current status of COVID-19 outbreak as well as provide high quality scientifically backed information v27威尼斯人 the virus itself. Additionally, they have a live WhatsApp hotline as a resource.

Center for Disease Control

The CDC is available 24/7 and their website provides current and consistently updated information regarding best practices for personal and public health.

CDC Guidance for Youth Programs and Camps

v27威尼斯人The CDC released this flowchart as a resource to help camps and youth programming organizations determine how and when to open this summer.